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Eye and Vision Exams

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Getting your eyes tested regularly is an important part of maintaining eye health and visual acuity. Maintaining good vision--whether with glasses or without--is a critical part of interacting safely with the world around you.

Comprehensive Vision Testing in Wauchula, Arcadia, Lake Placid and Sebring

optometrist_eye_exam_with_phoropterSevigny & Associates Eye Care offers a range of eye and vision exams to measure visual acuity and eye health. At our Wauchula, Arcadia, Lake Placid and Sebring eye clinics, we offer comprehensive vision testing to help ensure that all residents of these and the surrounding areas have good eye health and accurate vision.

Depending upon age and eye condition, each individual has unique vision testing schedules and requirements. If you are unsure of how often you should be tested, contact Sevigny & Associates to get information on a vision testing schedule that would be appropriate for you.

Visual Acuity and Eye Functionality Testing

Sevigny Associates & Eye Care offers a comprehensive visual acuity test that utilizes the standardized Snellen eye chart. Patients are asked to read the smallest lines they can at the bottom of each chart. These tests measure visual acuity at distances of 20 feet with results presented in a fraction format. Visual acuity tests are performed yearly during annual vision checkups and whenever the patients wish to get new glasses.

The eye functionality exams at our Wauchula, Arcadia, Lake Placid and Sebring eye clinics test for all areas of eye functionality outside the category of visual acuity. Our eye exams test for:

  • Depth perception
  • Color perception
  • Ability to focus
  • Responsiveness to light
  • Peripheral vision

Contact Lens Exams and Eye Health Exams

Patients seeking contact lenses must be evaluated to ensure that contact lenses are right for their needs. Take a look at our contact lens exams page to find out more about our contact lens evaluations.

Do you recognize the signs of eye disease or poor eye health? You may not, because many eye diseases are not obviously apparent. Some indications of poor eye health or eye disease can include:

  • Unevenly sized eyes or pupils
  • Cloudy film over the eyes
  • White color inside the pupil

Many of the signs of eye disease can only be detected when an optometrist dilates the pupil and looks inside the eye. Our Wauchula, Arcadia and Sebring optometrists will use a series of tests to evaluate the health of your eyes, searching for signs of glaucoma, cancers and other conditions that threaten the health of your eyes.

Eye exams of this nature can involve pupil dilation, which can impair your ability to safely drive home from our offices. You may even have difficulty focusing your eyes for up to 12 hours after having your pupils dilated. We'll let you know when we plan to dilate your eyes so you can arrange for safe transportation.

For more information about how you can benefit from an eye exam with our Wauchula, Arcadia, Lake Placid, and Sebring optometrists, contact Sevigny & Associates Eye Care and set up an appointment today.