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Treat Astigmatism with Our Trusted Eye Doctors in Arcadia 

At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care, our eye doctors in Arcadia, Wauchula, and Sebring are here to provide you with the best eye and vision care. With three convenient locations across the area, you can find the office that's best for your needs. Each of our offices provides a full range of eye care services, including comprehensive eye exams and treatment for common vision conditions, such as astigmatism.

eyes with astigmatism

Understanding Astigmatism and Common Symptoms

Many people suffer from astigmatism to some degree in one or both eyes. Specifically, astigmatism refers to a common vision condition that can result in blurry vision. An astigmatism is present with the cornea has an abnormal curvature or shape to it. This, in turn, prevents light from focusing on the retina as it should and can have an effect on your vision. In some cases, astigmatism may occur as a direct result of another eye condition, such as myopia or hyperopia.

There are a few common signs of astigmatism, though not everybody with the condition will experience obvious symptoms. Some symptoms may include:

  • blurry vision at any distance

  • general eye discomfort

  • persistent, unexplained headaches or migraines

In most cases, astigmatism is something a person is born with or develops due to genetics. Typically, astigmatism will remain more-or-less the same over time unless it's treated. However, it is possible for astigmatism to improve or worsen depending on your genetics and other factors.

How We Diagnose and Treat Astigmatism

The good news is that diagnosing and treating astigmatism is typically very simple. Specifically, a comprehensive eye and vision exam will test for astigmatism in each eye. Our eye doctor can then prescribe corrective lenses or contact lenses that will correct your astigmatism by changing the way outside light enter your eyes. You will see these on your eye prescription, typically as a two digit number; this number indicates the number of degrees the light should be shifted to correct astigmatism on your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Corrective lenses: from there, correcting your astigmatism (and the blurry vision associated with it) is as simple as wearing your corrective lenses. You should also be sure to have an annual eye exam to make sure that your astigmatism hasn't changed. If so, then a new prescription will need to be written to correct it.

Orthokeratology: another option for correcting astigmatism is known as orthokeratology; this non-invasive procedure requires patients to wear contact lenses that are designed to gradually reshape the cornea itself. 

Laser: depending on the severity of your astigmatism, laser surgery may also be considered as a means of correcting the curvature.

Schedule Your Appointment With Our Arcadia Eye Doctors

Overall, living with astigmatism in one or both eyes typically isn't a huge deal. Our Arcadia eye doctors have the experience and resources to help correct your astigmatism and vision. Schedule your appointment with any of our three locations at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care today by giving us a call at 863-259-3777.