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Pediatric Eye Exams in Floridapediatric eye exams at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care in  Wauchula, Sebring, & Arcadia

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Children need eye exams just as much as adults, and maybe even more so. Vision problems and eye health problems can develop in children as early as the newborn stage. Often young children cannot tell when their vision is blurry or something is wrong with their eyes, and not all vision problems are obvious to parents.

At Sevigny Associates & Eye Care, we give pediatric eye exams for patients in Arcadia, Sebring and Wauchula and the surrounding areas. If your child needs a pediatric eye exam, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your child can see clearly and has good eye health.

Why Children Need Eye Exams

Because the ability to read and concentrate in school is so closely related to the ability to see properly, some vision problems can even manifest as learning disabilities or behavior problems. Therefore, failure to get regular eye examinations can result in a prolonged struggle in school and social settings. Having your child's eyes examined by a professional can reveal these problems so you can sidestep years of other interventions and therapies. Correcting vision problems early can help your child have a positive experience inside and outside the classroom.

In addition, some vision problems are even reversible in very small children, if the issues are caught early enough. Children who are older when the vision correction begins are more likely to be stuck with their vision problems for life, while younger children may recover and have clear vision as adults.

What to Expect

Vision examinations in babies are different from vision exams in older children. During a baby eye exam, your child's optometrist will check for:

  • Tracking. Can your baby's eyes move together, and follow an object while it moves?

  • Light sensitivity. Using a pen light, your baby's doctor will test your baby's reaction to light.

  • Visual examination. Your baby's eyes should look normal. Your baby's eye doctor will check for visual signs that your baby has an eye health problem.

If your child is older, the eye doctor will check for the following problems:

  • Refractive error. If your child has refractive error, the eye doctor will determine the level of vision correction that your child needs, and then the doctor will prescribe glasses for your child.

  • Eye diseases. Your child's eye doctor will check for signs of eye diseases that could cause permanent damage to your child's vision.

Contact Sevigny & Associates

At Sevigny & Associates, we recommend that children get eye exams once per year. In our Wauchula and Sebring locations, your child will see doctors with the experience it requires to work with pediatric patients. To make an appointment for your child, contact us today at any one of our three convenient locations.