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Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Exams in Sebring, FL

Eye exam in Sebring FL

At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care, we take great pride in being the Sebring area's trusted optometrist. Whether you are in need of a routine eye and vision exam or treatment for an eye condition, our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to serve you. One of the more common services we provide our patients on a daily basis is that of comprehensive eye and vision exams. If it's been more than a year since your last eye exam in Sebring, it may be time to call our office to schedule your appointment.

Why Are Annual Eye Exams Important?

Many people have the mistaken assumption that you don't need to see an eye doctor annually if you don't notice any changes to your vision or eye health. However, just as regular dental cleanings are important (even if you don't have any tooth pain), the same applies to eye exams. Specifically, an annual eye exam with an optometrist can help to establish a baseline for your eye and vision health. This makes it easier to spot potentially problematic symptoms that could indicate an eye disease or other ocular condition. From there, early diagnosis of these issues can help to increase the chances for successful treatment or management.

Furthermore, even if you don't notice any obvious changes to your vision, your eyes can change a lot over the course of just a year. Having regular exams ensures your corrective vision prescription stays up to date.

How Can I Prepare for an Eye Exam?

There isn't much you need to do in order to prepare for an eye exam. If you have noticed any problems with your vision or eyes, be sure to note them when you call to schedule your appointment. You may also wish to write down any questions or concerns you would like to bring up with the optometrist. If you wear contact lenses or glasses currently, you should also bring them to your appointment.

What Can I Expect From an Eye Exam?

When you come into our office for an eye exam, we will begin by getting to know you. Specifically, we will review your medical history and give you an opportunity to express any concerns or changes in your eye health or vision. From there, we will move onto a physical examination of the eyes, as well as a series of tests to check your visual acuity, eye movements, coordination, and peripheral vision. We will also make any recommendations for prescription lenses or further diagnostics. If you need new corrective lenses, we have a wide selection to choose from in our office.

Schedule Your Eye Exam in Sebring, FL Today

If it has been more than a year since your last eye exam in Sebring FL, it's time to schedule an appointment. Give Sevigny Associates Eye Care a call at 863-259-3777 to find out more about our services and to book your exam today!