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What are Scleral Lenses?

         scleral lenses

Scleral lenses refer to oversize contact lenses that can range from 14 to 20mm in diameter. The term “scleral” is derived from the fact that these contact lenses cover the cornea (the clear domed structure over the colored portion of the eye) completely and also overlap onto the sclera or white portion of the eye.

Optimal Vision Correction From Your Sebring Optometrist

There are numerous different kinds of large diameter rigid gas permeable lenses on the market today from your Sebring optometrist to address a range of vision needs. While classification systems are largely based on size, these lenses can be characterized by their qualities, including:

  • Corneal Lenses – Supported exclusively by the cornea without extending past the limbus (junction between sclera and cornea).
  • Corneoscleral Lenses – supported by both sclera and cornea and extending past the limbus.
  • Scleral Lenses and Mini-Scleral Lenses – Supported by just the sclera and completely cover the limbus and cornea.

Scleral Lenses Advantages

The benefits and advantages of large diameter scleral lenses over corneal lenses include:

Increased Comfort

The cornea is one of the body’s most sensitive tissues, whereas the conjunctiva, a clear, soft tissue over the sclera is far less sensitive. Lenses that rest mainly on the conjunctiva result in less sensation on the cornea, making these lenses much more comfortable.

Correction For Irregular Corneas

Persons with corneas that are not completely round or symmetrical often have trouble finding conventional contact lenses that will fit them. This issue is solved by scleral contact lenses due to its large size that overlaps any irregularities.

Persons with Dry Eyes or Tear Duct Issues

The condition of dry eye can be extremely uncomfortable and result in a persistent burning and a perpetual gritty feeling in the eyes. Scleral lenses allow for more tears to be held close to the eye to improve moisture and overall feel. Tears are less able to drain and instead stay close to the eye, increasing comfort while wearing contact lenses.

Other conditions that can benefit from wearing scleral lenses include:

Refractive error. Farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism can all benefit from vision correction from scleral lenses.

Pellucid marginal corneal degeneration and keratoconus. These conditions can cause and are characterized by irregularity of the cornea.

Post-surgical complications. Both refractive eye surgery and keratoplasty can cause corneal irregularity. If vision correction is required, scleral lenses can help.

Visit Our Local Optometrist Today to Assist Your Eye Needs

If you think scleral contact lenses just might be for you, contact your Sebring optometrist Sevigny & Associates Eye Care today. We’ll start with a thorough eye examination to determine the shape and condition of your corneas. We’ll then be able to fit you with the ideal prescription for vision correction and comfort.

In addition to optometry in Sebring, we also proudly serve the Arcadia, Hardee, DeSoto, Highlands, Zolfo Springs, Wauchula, Bowling Green, Lake Placid and Avon Park areas. Sevigny & Associates Eye Care specializes in caring for a range of vision needs from hard-to-fit contact lenses to specialty lenses to assisting with computer vision problems and co-managing both pre- and post-op eye surgery. We look forward to assisting you!