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Eyecare Services in Wauchula, Sebring, Lake Placid, and Arcadia, FLSevigny Associates Eye Care Eyecare Services in Wauchula, Sebring & Arcadia FL are eye exams, pediatric eye care, Ophthalmology, LASIK & Contact lens exams

At Sevigny Associates Eye Care in Wauchula, Sebring, Lake Placid and Arcadia FL, we help patients maintain healthy eyes and clear vision. We also help patients who have been diagnosed with eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. Whether you're suffering from an eye disease, have refractive error or have no vision-related diagnosis at all, visiting our clinic can help you take care of your eyes and maintain good vision.

Pediatric Eye Care Services

Our pediatric services are important for children because many children cannot adequately express when they are unable to see clearly. Taking your child to the eye doctor on a regular basis, even if your child has not indicated there are problems with his or her vision, can help ensure that he or she can see when in school and when doing homework. This can help your child succeed in the classroom.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exams look at three components of eye health.

  1. Eye functionality. We check our patient's eyes to ensure that they can perceive depth and color and follow moving objects with their eyes.
  2. Visual clarity. We examine our patient's eyes to ensure that they can see clearly. If we detect refractive error, we write a prescription for corrective lenses to help our patients see clearly moving forward.
  3. Eye health. During our comprehensive eye exams, we check each patient's eyes for signs of diseases. If we detect that a patient is suffering from an eye disease, we treat the patient or help the patient manage his or her condition, depending on the diagnosis.

Ophthalmology Services

We offer ophthalmology services to patients who have been diagnosed with eye diseases. Whether you're suffering from glaucoma, vitreoretinal disease or corneal disease, we can help you retain your eye sight and manage your condition. Our eye doctors can recommend lifestyle changes and recommend strategies to help you maintain healthy eyes.

Pre- and Post-Operative LASIK Services

We offer pre- and post-operative LASIK services to patients. Our before and after care can help ensure the success of the operation and can help you transition from a life with glasses to a life without.

Contact Lens Exams

Before we can prescribe contact lenses to correct your refractive error, we first must examine your eyes. During a routine contact lens exam, we test patients to find out whether or not they have any conditions that would make them a bad candidate for contact lenses. Some patients, although they benefit from contact lenses, require hard-to-fit contacts for their eyes. We help patients get the right contacts for their needs.

Contact Your Optometrist in Arcadia, Sebring, Lake Placid, or Wauchula

At Sevigny Associates Eye Care, we offer help to patients all over in the Arcadia, Sebring, Lake Placid and Wauchula communities. From eye glasses to disease treatment, our experienced and skilled optometrists can help you care for your eyes and maintain good vision. To find out more, make an appointment. Call us today.